Let your words of praise be like kisses on the face of God.

praising hands

How do we show love to a God who has no needs? What can we offer? Praise and worship is our gift. When I am in prayer, I like to take time to remind Him of what He means to me. I will say “Praise God,” and “Hallelujah,” but I find that He will often respond to more personal acknowledgements of His goodness, such as “You are sweet like the springtime!” or “You are fresh as a rain upon dry ground.” When I can honestly consider His wonderful qualities, reflecting upon things He has done and showing Him that I ponder them, He is blessed and draws near. Think about all that He has created and what He has done to save us. Tell Him what you think about these things as though He were sitting in front of you. Worship and praise deepens devotional time, sometimes ushering us into the Holy Place.

Create a space to commune with Him


Create a space to commune with Him

What I suggest in our search for devotion with our Beloved is a private place that enables the seeker to escape the chaos of social input. Do your best to be alone with Him. This could be very difficult for those who live in crowded, small places, but the space within you can always be a secret place of sharing with the Spirit.

Devotion time does not rigidly have to be in the same place. My two preferable spaces are my office at work and a prayer room that I had consecrated at home.

At work, I am able to close my door and control my time, which many cannot do. Some people tell me that they sit in their car for a while after work to get a little quiet time. In a car, some people play uplifting music while they pray.

At home, my prayer room has lovely crosses, myrrh scented

Love School


Love School


Ever wonder what we are doing on this planet? Jesus answered this question when He told us to love God with all our heart and soul, and love our neighbor as ourself. I tell people that we are in Love School. The assignments are sometimes full of joy and other times break our hearts. Love School assignments can take us on a roller-coster of emotion. Every person that we encounter, every struggle, every option presents us with multiple choices that move us through our education in giving and receiving love. Learning to love does not create people who are weak suckers, but strong-hearted and courageous givers. If you have wondered what you can do to make your life worthwhile, to avoid wasting it, invest in love. Doing so will fulfill your destiny.

Prayer: Beloved Lord, I fail everyday to fully love you and My neighbor, but You are love. It is your will that I love, so Beloved Source

How do we love a God whom we cannot see?


How do we love a God whom we cannot see?



Allow me first to ask you

Allow me first to ask you, dear reader. What experience have you had that may have affirmed to you that He is real? Perhaps you were struggling, so you prayed for help. You may have felt that the strength came, and you attributed it to Him. When money was low, you may have asked for enough to cover a need and the money came to you in a surprise way.  Perhaps you witnessed a miraculous healing.

Or have you ever experienced the feeling of His Presence? Sometimes He settles with quietness in the room like a mist filled with mercy. Other times the air can feel as though it has turned to liquid love. You may have seen “the beauty of holiness.” At these moments, the air itself appears so beautiful that everything you look upon has a stunning, surreal

Take time to be with Him.


Take time to be with Him.  

How do we know someone whom we don’t spend time with? Very few Christians  allot time to their Lord Jesus, even pastors, priests and preachers, so if you haven’t been doing so, you are among many of His followers. Yet I ask, if we were commanded to love Him with all our heart, mind, body, and strength, then He should have the first choice to time that He gave us, should He not? As the writer, I am hypocritical for I often fail to spend time with Him that I know He wants. That said, let us not give up devoting everything to Him, including the moments ticking by.

One can be with Him during daily activities and also set aside minutes or hours just for Him alone. Picture Him walking with you everywhere you go and speak to Him often. When you are in the car, in bed, or showering, speak to Him about what’s on your

Knock with Ardent Longing

Kind reader, you have ventured thus far. Perhaps you followed my suggestions or you already have a habit of devotion. This is wonderful. Many individuals reading intended to give time and space to our Beloved, but haven’t yet done so. Some feel a little bit guilty that they have not done more. If this is you, be cheered. You have the Holy Spirit to help you!
Please do not make this blog a rule book. Seeking God has no formula. Although the Bible tells us many ways to give to Him, what action to choose, and when, is left for the seeker with the Spirit’s guidance to determine. David sang and danced; Jacob wrestled; Elijah waited for the still small voice. In other words, our God does not want robots that ritually just do what is told them to do. He wants relationship which is dynamic and must be heartfelt. Our hunger for Him stirs us, even compels us, into a quest for